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RTMP Delivery

Adobe RTMP stands for Real Time Message Protocol, which is the basic feature of SRS(Simple RTMP Server).

For more information about protocol of SRS:

  1. About Apple HLS, another variety used protocol, please read HLS.
  2. About the difference between RTMP and HLS, please read RTMP or HLS.
  3. About how to deploy SRS as RTMP server, please read Usage: RTMP.

Use Scenario

RTMP the first supported video stream for flash, and the best realtime stream on PC flash:

  • No plugin: The flash plugin already installed on almost all PC, no need other plugin to play the RTMP stream.
  • Fast develop player: Only need 7lines to play a RTMP stream for flash. It is very complex to play the HLS or HDS on PC flash.
  • Industrial-strength: RTMP server and flash player is very stable for RTMP.
  • Realtime Stream for internet: RTMP latency in 0.8-3s, can be used in live show or meeting.
  • The actual standard for encoder output for internet: RTMP is the actual standard protocol, for all encoder to publish stream to internet server, server will mux the RTMP to HLS, HDS or DASH.

SRS live streaming use RTMP as kernel protocol.

SRS vod streaming is in plan and use HTTP protocol.


RTMP is the acient and the first video streaming protocol supported by flash, which is MacroMedia flash player, then renamed to Adobe Flash player. Few lines of code to play the RTMP stream:

var conn = new NetConnection();
var stream = new NetStream(conn);
var video = new Video();

Config RTMP stream

Config SRS to support RTMP:

listen              1935;
max_connections     1000;
vhost __defaultVhost__ {

Start server: ./objs/srs -c conf/rtmp.conf

Publish RTMP

Use any encoder, for instance, FMLE to publish RTMP stream. FMLE use FMS URL to input the vhost/app, and the Stream to input the stream name:

# For RTMP url: rtmp://
FMS URL: rtmp://
Stream: livestream

The RTMP url, see: RTMP URL&Vhost

The deploy sample, see: Usage: RTMP

The FMLE publish example: FMLE publish RTMP to SRS

Play RTMP Stream

User can use flash player or vlc to play RTMP stream, for example, the RTMP url: rtmp://

Config Low Latency for RTMP

The latency of RTMP is in 1-3s, the config see: Low Latency

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