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Version: 4.0 (Archived) 📦


Almost all features of SRS support reload, donot disconnect all connection and apply the new config.


The bellow features can not reload:

  • deamon: whether start as deamon mode.
  • mode: the mode of vhost.

The daemon never support reload.

The mode of vhost, to make the vhost origin or edge, should never directly change the mode, because of:

  • The origin and edge switch is too complex.
  • The origin always put in a device group, never change to edge actually.
  • The upnode or origin restart have no effect to user, edge will retry.

A workaround to modify the mode of vhost:

  • Delete the vhost and reload.
  • Ensure the vhost is deleted, for the reload is async.
  • Add vhost with new mode, then reload.

Use Scenario

The use scenario of reload:

  • Donot restart server to apply new config, only killall -1 srs.
  • Donot disconnect user connections.


The usage of reload: killall -1 srs

Or send signal to process: kill -1 7635

Or use SRS scripts: /etc/init.d/srs reload

Winlin 2014.11