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Version: 4.0 (Archived) 📦

HDS Delivery

HDS is the Http Dynamic Stream of Adobe,similar to Apple HLS.

For specification of HDS, read


We can disable or enable HDS when build SRS, read Build

./configure --hds=on


The OSMF player can play HDS. For example, use OSMF player to play the following HDS:

HDS Config

The vhost of conf/full.conf describes the config for HDS:

vhost __defaultVhost__ {
hds {
# whether hds enabled
# default: off
enabled on;
# the hds fragment in seconds.
# default: 10
hds_fragment 10;
# the hds window in seconds, erase the segment when exceed the window.
# default: 60
hds_window 60;
# the path to store the hds files.
# default: ./objs/nginx/html
hds_path ./objs/nginx/html;

The config items are similar to HLS, read HLS config

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