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Version: 4.0

SRS ARM deploy example

SRS can deploy on ARM linux. SRS provides srs-librtmp as client library for ARM.

Compile and build ARM, read SrsLinuxArm, this artical describes how to deploy.

Suppose the IP of ubuntu12:

Suppose the ARM device running in VirtualBox 1935 mapped to Ubuntu12 19350, 22 mapped to 2200. That is, we can access Ubuntu12 19350 to access the ARM 1935, while the Ubuntu 2200 for ARM 22.

For more information, read SrsLinuxArm

Note: We need to patch ST, read ST#1 and SrsLinuxArm

Ubuntu12 cross build SRS​

Step 1, get SRS​

For detail, read GIT

git clone
cd srs/trunk

Or update the exists code:

git pull

Step 2, build SRS​

For detail, read SrsLinuxArm

./configure --cross-build && make

Note: To directly build on ARM device, for example RaspberryPi, use ./configure instead. For others, please read SrsLinuxArm

Step 3, send SRS to ARM virtual machine​

For detail, read SrsLinuxArm

# Password is:root
scp -P 2200 objs/srs root@localhost:~
scp -P 2200 conf/rtmp.conf root@localhost:~

Start SRS on ARM​

Login to Ubuntu 2200, we are on ARM:

Step 4, start SRS​

For detail, read SrsLinuxArm

./objs/srs -c conf/rtmp.conf

Step 5, start Encoder​

For detail, read SrsLinuxArm

Use FFMPEG to publish stream:

    for((;;)); do \
./objs/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg -re -i ./doc/source.flv \
-c copy \
-f flv rtmp://; \
sleep 1; \

Or use FMLE to publish stream:

FMS URL: rtmp://
Stream: livestream

User Machine​

Play RTMP stream on user machine.

Step 6, play RTMP stream​

RTMP url is: rtmp://

User can use vlc to play the RTMP stream.

Note: Please replace all ip to your server ip.

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